T1, a multicam capture for PLAYSPORTS BELGIUM/TELENET

22 November 2019

Title: T1

Directed by Kristof Van Den Bergh

Host: Bart Raes

Editor: Dirk Van Nijverseel

Cinematography & camera: Berghmans Lou (SBC)

Camera: Stoefs Johan, Jasper Stoefs, Dries Teuwen

Camera assistant: Sedrik Oliha

Sound: Jef Theunis

Lights: Tom Van den Abeele, Bram Lens & Mattijs Nackaert for WATTS 

Grading: Frank Temmerman

Grip: Yves Crabbe for Grikaros

Produced by Michiel Verschaeve for Playsports/Telenet

T1 can be seen in six weekly episodes from 22 November, every Friday evening at 10.45 pm on Play Sports 1 - Telenet


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