a trailer : "DE 16" (shot on I-phone & Sony Alpha 7)

14 July 2017

“Political firecrackers? We're going to need something heavier in the Wetstraat. A budget Dresden"

Charles Van Praet

After Bevergem and Clinch, Canvas will again release a quirky and distinctive fiction series later this fall. The 16 is a series about the power games in the wings of Wetstraat. The series combines drama with comedy. It was written by Wouter Verschelden and Willem Wallyn, who is also responsible for the direction. The series is filmed with iPhones and also receives a cross-media extension online and on social media.

Director: Willem Wallyn
Cast: Michael De Cock, Jan Hammenecker, Dries Heyneman, Boris Van Severen, Andrew James Van Ostade, Isabelle Van Hecke, Kris Cuppens, Ikram Aoulad & Ludo Hoogmartens
Producton: ?‎W2 for #‎Canvas

DOP+ Cam: Lou Berghmans
Cam-assistent + DI-manager: Mathijs Van Gonnissen
Gaffer: Dries De Paepe en Maxime Van Buggenhout

Klank: Geert Vlegels

Montage: Kim Vandenbergh @ Stout! Filmpjesmakerij

Uitvoerend producent: Corine Appelmans

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