Online commercial "SPORZA-DE WARMSTE WEEK" shot in 180 minutes

20 December 2019

This year, Sporza supports everyone who is setting up a campaign for De Warmste Week. They do this by helping with the media campaign of their promotion.

Are you organizing a promotion for the Warmest Week? Then take advantage of the promotional videos that Sporza made for you together with Nina Derwael, the Belgian Cats, Youri Tielemans and Dennis Praet. Maybe they will visit you at the end of December.

Sporza offer every promotional person personalized promotional videos with some top athletes in the lead. There are films with Nina Derwael and her gymnastics team, the Belgian Cats and Red Devils Dennis Praet and Youri Tielemans.

Spot Nina Derwael

Director: Toon Van de Vyver 

DOP: Lou Berghmans 

Sound: Steven Raes 

Producer: Lewis Blanchaert 

Gaffer: Mattijs Nackaerts 

Spot Youri Tielemans & Dennis Praet

Director: Tomas Swannet

DOP: Lou Berghmans 

Sound: Arne Verstraete

Producer: Lewis Blanchaert

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