8 April 2021

CHARLATAN, een 3-delige docu van Dominique Deruddere over leven van Arno vanaf 20 april op de buis (Canvas) posted by HLN.be

The story begins in Ostend, where little Arnold likes to play soccer and swim, but says "no" as often as "yes. Until a young teacher puts some blues records in his hand. Aunt Fabienne van den Kieboom, brother Peter Hintjens and muse Sonja Vanhee tell about a guest with long hair, who was always on the go. Musician Paul Decoutere explains why he saw in him the singer nobody suspected. And how together they modelled Tjens Couter out of chunks of blues, the Ostend sea air and a lot of their own willfulness.

Lonely soul

With 'Charlatan, the life of Arno Hintjens', director Dominique Deruddere wants to show another side of Arno. The child who inherited from his grandmother Marie-Louise a great imagination and the talent to dream. The young man who left a well-paying job in the hospitality industry to sing, turning TC Matic into a bend or crack project. The author who, in songs like "Lonesome Zorro," lets us look into his lonely soul. The vulnerable human being who shows his feelings very rarely and to few people.

"I had a hard time with it sometimes, because it's about a friend who is sick," says Deruddere, who became close friends with Arno in the Brussels nightlife of the 1980s. Arno himself calls "Charlatan" his will, which he made together with his friends such as Dominique Deruddere, Josse De Pauw as narrator, Lou Berghmans as cameraman and Peter Vantyghem as interviewer.


CHARLATAN, een 3-delige docu van Dominique Deruddere over leven van Arno vanaf 20 april op de buis (Canvas) posted by HLN.be

"de16" - Re Viewable on VRTMax & Canvas

DE 16, a TV series by Willem Wallyn (shot on I-phone & Sony Alpha 7)

14 June 2023

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Review Sophie Cross season 2 by Ultime Notizie Flash #UNF

Sophie Cross ritroverà suo figlio Arthur? Tutta la verità sulla scomparsa del piccolo! New @ the RAI : V-series Sophie Cross season 2

17 June 2023

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Acteurs Canvascomedy 'Zonder afspraak' zetten de schouders onder avant-premières ten voordele van Syrië Turkije 12-12

Canvas en Kinepolis slaan de handen in elkaar voor een speciale actie ten voordele van “12-12”, de hulpactie die geld wil inzamelen voor de zware aardbevingen in Turkije en Syrië.

27 March 2023

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Announcement for a new documentary project in 2022

Belgian broadcaster VTM and director Jan Verheyen make an international documentary series about the Heysel drama that occurred on 29 May 1985 and where thirty-nine people died and 600 were injured when fans were crushed against a wall that then collapsed during the European Cup final between Liverpool and Juventus, after crowd trouble culminated in a surge by Liverpool supporters towards the Italian team's fans

13 November 2021

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Box Office Award voor vierde F.C. De Kampioenen film: Viva Boma!

F.C. De Kampioenen: Viva Boma!, geregisseerd door Jan Verheyen, wint de Box Office Award in dit atypisch jaar voor de cinema-industrie. De vierde langspeelfilm, gebaseerd op de populaire televisieserie F.C. De Kampioenen, ging op 10 december 2019 in première.

22 January 2021

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More than 500.000 visitors for FC DE KAMPIOENEN - VIVA BOMA

With 500,000 paying spectators he is by far the most popular Belgian film of the past year, he is even better than all other Flemish films released in 2019 together.

2 February 2020

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ALL of US - Speeddate with director Willem Wallyn by CINEVOX

2 January 2020

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6 January 2020

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"FC De Kampioenen - Viva Boma!", The film may welcome its 400,000th paying visitor tomorrow. The film was thus the absolute number 1 in Flanders during the Christmas holidays and attracted more spectators than all other Flemish films released in 2019 together. Film distributor Independent Films reports this in a press release.

3 January 2020

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21.12.2019 After the first weekend the counter is already at 131,500 paying spectators. This makes ‘Viva Boma!’ already the most visited Flemish film of the year 2019

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Review "ALL OF US" by Kortfilm.be & Kutfilm.be

1 November 2019

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TV Series "DE PARELVISERS" (2006) re-broadcasted in 2019 @ één

Re-broadcast of TV Series "DE PARELVISSERS" (2006) on Belgian channel "één" from Thursday October 31 (6 episodes)

30 October 2019

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All of us is the tragicomic story of housewife Cathy (Maaike Neuville), who only has a few months left to live. She ends up in a self-help group of terminally ill patients (Joke Devynck, Jan Hammenecker, Bruno Vanden Broecke), led by therapist Els (Barbara Sarafian), who herself is in a full midlife crisis. Cathy decides not to inform her family about her condition, but she has a plan. Together with the other members of the support group, she starts shaping her future plans and those of her fellow patients.

11 October 2019

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At the closing ceremony of the 25th edition of Short Film Festival Leuven, 18 prizes were awarded this year. This year, a striking number of student works were awarded prizes in the Flemish competition.

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VOTF reikt naar de sector en mediarte...

Artikel verschenen in Mediarte Magazine #6 (2019) De Beroepsvereniging van Vlaams audiovisueel facilitaire bedrijven bestaat dit jaar 20 jaar en wil haar representativiteit bewaren en draagvlak vergroten door meer leden te ronselen.

1 September 2019

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INTEGRATION made in Denmark

"Pano" report about the Danish integration model: does this inspire our politicians?

11 September 2019

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Sunday morning 2 March - day one

2 March 2019

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The Perfect Choice For Car Shoots (published by ROSCO)

15 May 2018

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"Salamander II" cinematographed by Berghmans Lou (SBC) nominated for Rockie Award @Canadian Banff World Media

11 May 2017

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SALAMANDER 2 - Blood & Diamonds broadcasted @ BBC FOUR

29 March 2017

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Building a sustainable career in a sector that often works on a project basis...

12 July 2017

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SALAMANDER 2 & TYTGAT CHOCOLATE nominated for ENSOR 2018 best TV series

Nomination ENSORS 2018

9 August 2018

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Lou Berghmans and his Reflections on the Transition from "17 to" 18 (Cinevox)

30 December 2017

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Tytgat Chocolat wins best European TV Fiction series or serial of the year @ Prix EUROPA

10 October 2017

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De 16, a tv series filmed with Iphone!

26 October 2016

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La Muerte de Cupido selected for two international filmfestivals

5 May 2016

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Rights VRT TV series Salamander sold to US

30 July 2012

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